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A Little About Who We Work With

Our clients are building new businesses, growing established businesses or revving up their social media as part of refining an online footprint. Do you ever notice how certain entrepreneurs effortlessly draw in success, while others grapple with challenges?
We exist to help people who have that enterprising spirit with elevated vibrations because we know their success is hinged on their ability to tell the right story.

If you’re a passionate entrepreneur, we get you. You’re not just interested in constructing a business that aligns with your aspirations – you’re working on shaping the world around you. We’re here to learn your heart and understand the future you want to see; and help you make the kind of content you’ll feel proud to share.

Angela Robbins


The Branding Expert

Founder & Brand Strategiest

Angela has a robust history of supercharging companies and building powerful sales and marketing organizations. She launched True Moxie Studios 15 years ago as a boutique creative agency and photography studio that evolved into Moxie Brands, a consulting firm specializing in brand management and fractional sales and marketing leadership. She is known for her brand clarity workshops, company rebrands, turnaround projects, and helping companies launch new products and expand market segments. Robbins created Shot of Moxie to take some of the best of what Moxie Brands does for clients and curate a package of services to support small businesses with their online presence. 

Shot of Moxie is a women-owned boutique agency for companies with a lot of passion, experience, gifts and talents that need a little help showing up digitally just as strong as they would for a one-on-one meeting.

Angela’s proven ability for working with people and companies to tell their story, reach their audience, drive growth, and scale their sphere of influence within their industry has elevated organizations from small start-up concepts to established brands with revenues in the multi-millions.

We don’t just create content; we craft narratives. We invent people. We help companies make the move from business to brand.

Born out of a passion for storytelling and a drive to enable brands to resonate with audiences, the Orlando-based social media and content creation agency is committed to propelling people, brands, and non-profits into the digital spotlight. With a knack for crafting compelling narratives and strategic collaborations with non-competing entities, the agency fuses creativity and innovation with analytics, accountability, and alignment to company growth goals. Launched in 2023, Shot of Moxie is on a mission to shift social media goals from an emphasis on likes and shares to developing lasting impressions and conversion-driven digital engagements.

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